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The people in the community have said
17. Октября 2022 :: 01:03
Blizzard also revealed more information regarding the forthcoming Rise of Azshara update. P2Pah interviewed the project's leaders about this update's emphasis on personal stories, the flexibility of the update, bringing back lapsed players, and more.

World of Warcraft Classic Makes Azeroth Feel Dangerous Again

In the 15 years since the debut of World of Warcraft , Blizzard has gradually sanded away some of Azeroth's rough edges. It's still filled with gruelling dungeons and terrifying raids, but today it's a much more hospitable, kinder world. World of Warcraft Classic aims to fix that, to bring Azeroth more dangerous, while retaining some modern luxury features.

Blizzard has released a release of World of Warcraft Classic, as well as a closed beta as well as a series of stress tests leading up to its August launch. Recently, a hands-on session with WoW Classic revealed a distinct uninspiring version of the game with basic quest tracking a bit less clearly marked. This is an WoW intended for players who have been playing the game since its beginning, and are looking to recreate that experience.

Producer director Patrick Dawson and WoW Classic lead engineer Brian Birmingham explained the motivations behind this bold retrofitting of the popular MMORPG and the benefits they hope it will bring to the fans.

"The people in the community have said, we'd like Classic WoW. When we looked at it, it appeared to be a world that was crashing and the teleport hacks. It was not up to the standard of the game that Blizzard currently has," Dawson told P2Pah. "Well, what if we had our modern infrastructure? Do we have the ability to retrofit this? So we set out on the journey of a few days to find out what that universe was."

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